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Yet one of her most deviously disruptive designs is a piece she is developing with crystal-maker Swarovski that uses built-in sensors to blink in time with the wearer's heart beat.
Duterte deviously uses such one-dimensional and outrageous description of Philippine society to rationalize the unjustifiable by calling for the senseless killing of more youths in his bloody drug war.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Google's DeepMind AI branch created a computer that can win the deviously complex game Go.
At all times the HoloLens players know the position of each player on the map and can guide them to perfect synchronicity to solve this deviously simple puzzle.
Martin deviously asks, trying to side with his partner.
When the male bishops deviously introduced such prayers, they claimed they were not blessings
The NAB has decided to take to task all the big fishes who deviously and wilfully defaulted electricity bills.
You know the owner has probably done a handstand on their nest of tables to get the perfect angle that makes their pokey living room look like the Albert Hall, whilst the cunningly-tilted kitchen blinds deviously mask the neighbouring ASBO family's snarling Rottweilers, NASA sized satellite dish and rampaging cage fighter wannabe sons.
Since its creation, the mullahs' regime has deviously misused Islam to pursue its own objectives and cloak deceitful plots for the region.
Nancy Hermiston's no-frills direction kept musical values and singers' needs primarily in mind: nothing distracted the audience's attention from the singers; her direction also brought out subtle complexities and even tenderness in Gilda's relationship with Rigoletto (her deviously possessive father).
Illegal residence permit was seized in the possession of the arrested person, who deviously entered the Lebanese territories.
The reality, however, is that he behaved deviously and arrogantly, indicating that his main objective was to hurt Hasikos, with whom he had a public falling out over a government waste treatment contract renewal a few weeks ago.