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It's a satisfying package of deviously designed brainteasers that will even appeal to players who can't stomach the gore in a regular ''Hitman'' game.
While Jolie definitely nailed it with her deviously beautiful smile, Lana Del Rey's version of the classic song is the icing on the cake.
was a tour de force of fluid fun, challenging you to guide your precious liquid through a host of deviously designed puzzles, avoiding explosives, other corrosive liquids and the numerous pitfalls placed across dozens of levels.
But it is blindingly obvious that Mr Hunt deviously misrepresents the Tories' share of responsibility in unfairly heaping all blame on a past Labour administration.
If the Government really keep their promise of informing the public, then it is quite possible that many will opt out and that this Bill, deviously passed, sadly (for those awaiting organ donation) will have the reverse effect.
Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi decried the move alleging that this has been deviously planned to influence impressionable minds of schoolgoing children.
After selling one of his whorling-dot paintings to New York's Whitney Museum of American Art, he deviously replaced its numbered title with Capita/ist Masterpiece--a good joke, but also a wry recognition that his searching paintings were bound to be commodified once the acrylic had hardened, once they had been extricated from the artist's Bowery studio.
Postcolonial Asylum maps this strange place in order to affirm a "minoritarian agency" arising deviously within it.
So initially, likening the current situation in occupied Palestine to that of Makkah more than 1,400 years ago is a parody that is either wildly ignorant or just deviously misleading.
It also added that no imprisonment and lashing sentence in absentia had come out against the attorney as opposed to his claims, and that Ahmed el-Gizawi came to perform the Umrah while his bags were filled with 21,000 Xanax pills deviously concealed in Juhayna milk cartons and cases of copies of the Koran.
However, some banks have deviously got around this rule by establishing a car sales division with a separate licence, which allows them to sell the vehicles and finance the process simultaneously.
I hope and pray that whatever you have deviously planned for Bahrain, will backfire in your faces and maybe then you will finally realise that Bahrain cannot be invaded or taken over by terrorists like yourselves.