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He draws out every word in his interrogating scenes with Rob Killeen with playful deviousness as Killeen tries to weasel his way from one explanation to another.
Alf rails at the deviousness of politicians, from Labour's then-Prime Minster Harold Wilson to Peter Mandelson's grandfather, Herbert Morrison.
Each displays a different blend of Haydn's inventive tunefulness, humor, and subtle musical deviousness.
We shall disclose his plots and his masters' deviousness.
Sreesanth's behaviour, his immaturity, his deviousness, has reached a new low.
Those based upon essentialist historicism cover the clash between rhetoric and practice amongst London's homosexuals in the eighteenth century, the assignment of deviousness to homosexuality, the pastoral patronage system, love between men in Handel's Saul, Penelope Aubin's commentary, Oxford's warning, and the engineering and etiquette of the Enlightenment-era menage-'a-trois.
Perhaps there's a shaven-headed monk somewhere in the Shaolin monastery who shares his combination of deviousness and innocence.
This is a nicely written 'dual biography' of two of the most famous sovereigns in British history, Richard the Lionheart (good for his bravery in the Crusades) and his brother, John (bad for his deviousness and abuse of power).
Even the good characters, like Mary Steenburgen's Sarah, Rickman's long-suffering wife by night and a forensic pathologist by day, harbor unexpected depths of deviousness.
But such deviousness did not suit two native-born Israelis living in their land.
punished by the FA for his deviousness and duplicity yet still wants to whine and whinge, even with 90 grand a week in his pocket.