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It was said in the past, from time immemorial that Snakes will not leave their venom and wolves will not abandon their silliness and the foxes will never give up their deviousness.
Sreesanth's behaviour, his immaturity, his deviousness, has reached a new low.
Those based upon essentialist historicism cover the clash between rhetoric and practice amongst London's homosexuals in the eighteenth century, the assignment of deviousness to homosexuality, the pastoral patronage system, love between men in Handel's Saul, Penelope Aubin's commentary, Oxford's warning, and the engineering and etiquette of the Enlightenment-era menage-'a-trois.
A few years younger are Sparks (Christian Byers), Spit (James Fraser) and the aforementioned Misty, who -- in addition to being pious -- isn't above a bit of deviousness if it means securing a mom and dad.
Perhaps there's a shaven-headed monk somewhere in the Shaolin monastery who shares his combination of deviousness and innocence.
This is a nicely written 'dual biography' of two of the most famous sovereigns in British history, Richard the Lionheart (good for his bravery in the Crusades) and his brother, John (bad for his deviousness and abuse of power).
However expanded its field of activity has become, "sculpture" today might be seen to cohere around the deviousness of physical matter--its inexhaustibility, opacity, and guile.
punished by the FA for his deviousness and duplicity yet still wants to whine and whinge, even with 90 grand a week in his pocket.
Frustratingly, Lee unnecessarily gives away one of the major plot twists in these opening frames, which diminishes the deviousness of the script, by first-time writer Russell Gewirtz.
The deviousness and cunning of those like the Wests is universally known to be limitless," warned Mr Bennett.
As for their own lives, it seems that there's always something to fix there too, whether it's the deviousness of Mr.
Clearly, to protect networks from both smart programs and the clever people behind them, the newest breed of security solutions employ some deviousness as well.