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6 per cent and under the devised roadmap it was being reduced gradually.
Both academics and practitioners situate histories and contemporary practice of devised performance in the Irish theater, responding to a decisive shift in the landscape of Irish theater following the increasing recognition afforded by several emerging companies, including ANU Productions, Brokentalkers, THEATREclub, THISISPOPBABY, and The Company.
Earthfall's latest piece was devised over a six-week period.
The coating is related to a self-healing composite material devised by Braun's colleague Scott R.
Offices at Tocqueville's new location were devised with floor-to-ceiling glazed walls, to provide the extraordinary midtown views.
It is intended that the bishop be an elected position, but since the only episcopal electoral process currently takes place within diocesan synods, a new process must be devised.
And to properly handle outcomes, various technologies have been devised such as instant replay and the photo finish.
Judd Gregg, R-New Hampshire, chairman of the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, and Edward Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, devised a new bipartisan bill that was expected to go to the full Senate possibly in the early summer.
While Thomas Edison was thrilling engineers with the development of the DC (direct current) motor, Tesla had already devised the far superior AC (alternating current) model, which quickly became the industry standard.
William Thornton devised a 30-letter alphabet that he believed could be used universally to further the unity of mankind.
Devised in rational terms, on the principle of 'change within continuity', they combine new and old techniques and materials to meet functional needs.