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He had been valet de guarderobe to Francis I and sculptuer et faiser de masques at Fontainbleu, a tide suggesting that he functioned as a deviser of theatrical properties.
The feature-rich DS2831 family complements and strengthens Deviser Instruments' value-proposition by offering a spectrum analyzer that couples a broad range of customizable capabilities and the latest OFDM/DOCSIS 3.
Deviser Instruments' AE2200 Meter represents the company's newest handheld, multi-function network validation solution for FTTx, RFoG and RF PON installations.
There is a further Erasmian reminiscence in sonnet 76, where the poet presents his work as a general satire without individual targets: "S'il est donques permis, sans offense d'aucun, / Des meurs de nostre temps deviser en commun" (vv.
Que Socrate s'identifie, d'une certaine facon, a Ajax, n'a rien de surprenant, puisque dans YApologie (41b) Socrate se rejouit de se trouver parmi les morts et d'y rencontrer et d'y deviser << avec Palamede, avec Ajax, fils de Telamon, ou avec tel autre heros du temps passe qui a pu mourir par suite d'une sentence injuste >> (trad.
Even a court physician was often an "astronomer royal," that is, a deviser of fortune-tellers' almanacs.
A second disc has a discussion between the deviser and his cast, which, although enjoyable, is not without embarrassing gaffes.
He was a prolific deviser of instruments, being at heart a physicist, though nominally Professor of Geology.
The faith debate (from left) are: Katie Teasdale (policy adviser, Birmingham Chamber Commerce and Industry), Khembe Clarke (deputy executive director, Professional DiverCity), Ben Birchall (HR director, Pertemps People Development), Mohammed Hasan (managing consultant, Catalyst Consulting Associates) and the Rev Toby Howarth (inter-faitha deviser for the Bishop of Birmingham)
The 'Mechanist' who set off on this adventure has been confused with James Messink (1721-1789), Garrick's theatrical machinist and deviser of elaborate pantomimes who served at Drury Lane for about ten years from 1767.
A deviser of territories, languages, work the deject never stops demarcating his universe whose fluid confines constantly question his solidity and impel him to start afresh.
I would argue that in addition to the idea of Norman Criddle, the deviser of pesticides, the collector of insects and the documenter of basic insect biology, we could add Norman Criddle, systems ecologist.