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Other suggestions during study include promoting predictability through the set up of supplies, and devising protocols for proceeding.
The 21 critical capability components in devising the perfect board include: capital, change, coping, control, conflict, courage, coaching, crusade, compensation, customers, creativity, competitiveness, continuity, commitment, compatibility, challenge, culture, catastrophe, critical thinking, contacts, and collegiality.
They involve experienced CNAs in the process of devising and modifying reporting tools.
By devising his own vision of the basic means of the Muslim craftsman, he has found a way of referring to an alien culture without exoticizing it.
Meanwhile, some of Canada Post's commercial customers were busy devising alternative distribution methods and other businesses were preparing for an increase in business.
Interest runs high in devising a system to measure severity independent of medical diagnosis.
Devising and supervising these rituals was once a profoundly social affair.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government Saturday formed committee for facilitating the businessmen and devising actionable strategy for promotion of business in the province.
Devising compounds that interfere with the aberrant microRNAs might derail the impetus to spur cancer-stem cell growth.