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If you are a wireless carrier trying to foster the growth of new channels, a games publisher hoping to cash in on wireless or an established media company devising a mobile strategy, you need to know more about your target market, said McAteer.
a role-playing game where students are challenged to make important financial decisions affecting their future, such as whether to pursue higher education, how much to spend on a house and a car, and devising a monthly budget.
Prior to Hoffman-LaRoche, he worked at Burroughs Wellcome as Head of Regulatory Affairs (Consumer Products) where, during the course of his tenure, he was responsible for the design and execution of clinical trials as well as devising and executing a program for the OTC conversion of Actifed and devising regulatory strategies for the approval of AZT for AIDS.
This is particularly useful to industry participants for devising country-specific strategies.
This is useful in devising country-specific strategies.
As for MCA's efforts to disengage itself from the gangsta rap in Interscope's catalog, devising a charity arrangement is not proving easy.
For 20 years, Mungle has been altering actors' faces and bodies and devising visages of monsters, vampires, aliens and other otherworldly creatures.
To make sure the underclass students could not get into their rooms, the seniors began devising elaborate locks and devices known as stacks to keep them out, Kiewiet said.
Douglas, 39, who is the facility manager of the Daily News' Valencia printing plant, has spent countless hours devising a system, going to meetings, making phone calls and writing letters to anyone - from President Clinton to concerned parents - he thinks will help him in his quest for a better ratings system.
Siracusa's routines were perfected in the late 1940s and early 1950s while devising sight-and-sound gags for Jones, whose frenetic Dixieland jazz band, one critic complained, ``played like fugitives from a speakeasy with the cops coming in the front door.
The most successful and the most satisfying accomplishments in one's life are not in attaining goals, but rather in inventing or devising the method of attaining the desirable goal.