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Other suggestions during study include promoting predictability through the set up of supplies, and devising protocols for proceeding.
The 21 critical capability components in devising the perfect board include: capital, change, coping, control, conflict, courage, coaching, crusade, compensation, customers, creativity, competitiveness, continuity, commitment, compatibility, challenge, culture, catastrophe, critical thinking, contacts, and collegiality.
Embick is also proud of devising planting and irrigation techniques to reduce odors and the presence of pesky seagulls at the landfill, located on Bel Aire Drive near the Starlight Bowl.
In designing Metro's new headquarters, Munkenbeck & Marshall have taken cues from the nature of the business - as they are adept at doing - expressing linked themes of light and communication while remaining within a robust Modernist-inspired architecture of their own devising.
Having spent several years already devising their visible-light system, the Arizona team is now developing versions that work at infrared wavelengths for military surveillance and at ultraviolet frequencies for studying fluorescently tagged biological samples.
Rather than meet the LAFCO challenge of devising a strategy for secession, they throw up their hands and say they can't do it.
Now, seniors spend weeks devising elaborate and often computerized locks for their doors.
Nonetheless, by devising an antibody that blocks the action of C5a, Ward and his colleagues have ventured into the complement realm.
Siracusa's routines were perfected in the late 1940s and early 1950s while devising sight-and-sound gags for Jones, whose frenetic Dixieland jazz band, one critic complained, ``played like fugitives from a speakeasy with the cops coming in the front door.