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Reconstruction may not be possible in some combined injuries of the proximal duodenum and head of the pancreas that have extensive tissue devitalisation with complete disruption of the ampulla involving the proximal pancreatic duct and distal common bile duct, or avulsion of the duodenum from the pancreas.
Another advantage lies in one's lack of devitalisation, compared to the common situation.
Ces problemes concernent essentiellement la pauvrete et l'exclusion de certains territoires et dans certains territoires, d'o[u'] le besoin de mettre en oeuvre des initiatives locales innovatrices permettant d'inflechir la devitalisation de ces milieux locaux.
Le texte cherche a montrer que des initiatives locales peuvent inflechir les tendances qui president a l'appauvrissement et a l'exclusion qui provoquent la devitalisation des collectivites locales.
Le centre histonque de Palerme a connu au lendemain du second conflit mondial un lent et inexorable processus de devitalisation sous I'effet conjoint de son depeuplement et de sa pauperisation.
2003] FORMOCRESOL Devitalisation Necrosis and inflammation; healing with granulation tissue [Berger, 1965; Alacam, 1989] Some hard tissue apposition [Salako et al.
Closed reduction or limited open reduction using small tensioned wires prevents further iatrogenic soft tissue injury and minimises additional devitalisation of the bone and periosteal and endosteal blood supply.
Pancreatoduodenectomy is reserved for stable patients with non-reconstructable injuries and disruption of the ampullary-biliary-pancreatic union, or those who have major devitalisation injuries of the pancreatic head and duodenum.
These case studies show how, for the leading community, specific social rules emerge and contribute to effective local governance and, for the lagging community, how unresolved local conflicts generate a cycle of devitalisation that is difficult to reverse.
Two cases of extraoral draining sinus tracts caused by devitalisation due to dental trauma from oral piercing are presented, highlighting the deleterious effects tongue jewellery can have on the health of the dentition.
Market Open to Order (MOSO) Master Vegetation Bourgogne Franche-Comte8 detailed geographical lots below with an opportunity to respond to a three maximum batchesThe main work will be Mowing - thickets and hedges Cup - Clearing of fences and ditches - Chemical weeding - reshaping and earth ditchcleaning - tree felling - stump - devitalisation - Tree elegage - grass mowing and coppice cut on wall covered anchored plated mesh.
In cases with severe metaphysical commination, retrograde supracondylar nailing offers a more biological method of fixation with good control of the distal fragment and less devitalisation of soft tissue.