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While Nory manages to convert her frustrations and complexes into tools to fight and face reality, aided by a vivid imagination and a strong survival instinct, due, apparently, to her healthy roots (her maternal grandparents were peasants, her birth was the result of true passion, even though an "illegitimate" one, and she was an "unwanted [and unloved] child"), Ghighi was deprived of these benefits even from a prenatal stage; being the son of Elena Hallipa, his "roots" are lost in a heritage devitalised by "unusual matchings," by marriages between close relatives (the Hallipa clan "often worked within the family"), so that frail Ghighi "distills, from the merchant and tenant clans of the Draganesti and Hallipa, only the sickly fine saps" (Lazarescu 1983: 213, 214).
Ordo-liberals therefore rejected the welfare state as the institution of a devitalised society.
Devitalised tissue is a good breeding ground for Clostridium tetani and prophylaxis should be considered.
Most foods offered and consumed today are devitalised by processing and cooking.
3,4) The treatment of combined injuries to the pancreas and duodenum is complex, especially where devitalised tissue and associated damage to contiguous vital structures including the bile duct, portal vein, vena cava, aorta or colon are present.
There is only passing mention of surgical excision of devitalised tissue--in case 4, protruding ulna was sawed off and tags of muscle clipped away; in case 5, after the 18th day both wound extension and limited skin excision were performed; in case 7, a fragment of radius was extracted.
After removing all the devitalised tissues, the bones were fixed with wires.
Finally, many authors feel that public policies based solely on social capital or on the capacity of local actors to implement development projects could exacerbate the already heavy burden carried by devitalised local communities (Markey 2005; Amin 2005; De Mattos 1999).
Carla reveals two of her favourite DIY treatments: Lemon tea mask: For untoned, devitalised skin - a fine mask for oily skin that refines, tones, firms and brightens.