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In case 9, a full salpingohysterectomy was required because of extensive regions of devitalized oviduct associated with the intussusception.
Rose Bengal stains devitalized epithelial cells on the conjunctiva and serves a similar purpose.
Their controlling, avoidant behaviors are problematic, but not as extreme as devitalized.
Subacute rupture is possible if diaphragmatic tissue is devitalized at the time of injury and subsequently breaks down.
the surgical removal or cutting away of devitalized tissue, necrosis or slough).
The first excisional debridement included removal of devitalized areas of fat and tissue to the bone level; areas of bone were soft due to infiltrated purulent exudate.
There should be no devitalized tissue present in the wound upon application of the NPWT.
The size and depth of the wound and the amount of devitalized (dead) tissue should be assessed along with potential damage to neurovascular structures and tendons, underlying fractures, the presence of exposed bone and/or infection, and the integrity of the joint.
Children at present devitalized by malnourishment and illness are severely liable to disease and the menace of unexpected, severe inanition.
In situations in which there is a dead space after the removal of devitalized tissues, the use of polymethylmethacrylate cement impregnated with an antibiotic for local release is a good option.