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It's better to have only one son endowed with good qualities than a hundred devoid of them.
Provision of telecommunications services for the dissemination of digital television statewide, in open, in areas devoid of digital television coverage in Andalusia.
Vice-president of the Higher Shiite Islamic Council Sheikh Abdel-Amir Kabalan explained his objections to the Muslim-Christian spiritual summit held on Thursday in Bkirki, calling it devoid of Islamic values and saying it is unacceptable to impose a consensus prior to understanding and dialogue, the influential Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported on Saturday.
They need to evaluate dancers as artists, not Olympic competitors, otherwise the next generation will be completely devoid of artistic ability.
Written by the founder of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, which now rescues more than 7,000 animals annually and releases native animals back to the wild when restored to full health, Through Animals' Eyes, Again: Stories of Wildlife Rescue is a compilation of true tales sure to dispel the myth that animals are devoid of reason, emotion, or compassion.
We have become expert in risk management and sustainability, but remain devoid of discourse on the good life.
Devoid of pedantry, the tone invites young YAs to enjoy and discover as well as to learn.
Ultimately, though, by cordoning itself off from the rest of the world, the Chinese government offered its people a lifestyle not only devoid of the technological advances occurring in the rest of the world, but also where ambition, possibilities and hope were hard to find.
With no pounding musical score, no passenger subplots, and no mention of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, the "war on terror," or a "let's roll" trumpet charge, the film accomplishes something I didn't think was possible--a 9/11 story devoid of spin.
displayed in sexuality which has become pure pleasure devoid of responsibility," the Pontiff said.
Devoid of text, Silent Titanium Billboards, 2005, became a set of quietly lovely neo-Minimalist objects and created a warm, even festive effect when viewed together through the gallery's window on a cold winter night.