devoid of feeling

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Because everything we practice is fed into our muscles, mechanical practicing, devoid of feeling, produces mechanical playing.
At one point in the story, readers learn of a spell that, when cast improperly, leaves the caster permanently devoid of feeling.
He is totally devoid of feeling for anyone but himself.
As hyper-aggressive revenge fantasies go, it's curious to see one so devoid of feeling, a venality even Drive fans likely won't be inclined to forgive.
She honoured Hockney as a national treasure and a restless innovator but found these new paintings superficial and devoid of feeling.
These, however, are mostly devoid of feeling and contribute much to the isolation of the dying .
Insurance carriers have been reputed to be faceless, stoic, slow moving, devoid of feeling and, I daresay, even boring.
They are devoid of feeling and humanity, have no place in society and must be hunted down and severely punished.
A cheery tale that will have younger viewers entranced but is strangely devoid of feeling at times.
The discussions in the first part of the book are very cerebral, almost devoid of feeling and heart language.
Having interviewed Faldo and read his autobiography, I believe he is not arrogant and devoid of feeling as some have made out.
An art devoid of feeling, as Pop was said to be, would never move a viewer and thus could never qualify as "major.