devoid of truth

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As you are aware, these allegations are devoid of truth, they are reckless and unwarranted,' Pandor said.
Such charges, Luciano said are devoid of truth and justice, decency and respect for human dignity.
"As for being tasked to carry out assassinations or bringing weapons into Saudi Arabia, there was never any such task - the whole matter is devoid of truth.
The former premier further said that every allegation hurled at PML-N by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf was devoid of truth. He pointed out that Shehbaz had filed a defamation suit against Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Supreme Court but the latter had never appeared.
The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture would like to place on record that it is extremely disappointed and deems worthless and beneath consideration on the basis of it being devoid of truth and facts the disparaging article published by City Press on the 14th of July 2019.
Ironically, these entities make huge incomes from the dubious business that is devoid of truth. The scholars argue that all the hullaballoo about fake news, for example, is nothing but a blockage of truth.
"[This] is a lie and devoid of truth," Birqdar said.
Calling himself an idealist, Rahul observed that current day politics in India is "devoid of truth and kindness and politics is being used to crush people.
Perception that only Chinese have been hired by Chinese companies working on CPEC projects is devoid of truth, said officials.
Allegations that only Chinese nationals have been hired by Chinese companies to work on CPEC projects are devoid of truth, officials said.
A Syrian military source said last week allegations that government forces were using chemical weapons were "devoid of truth".
Director of the General Establishment for Grain Trade and Manufacture Majed al-Hmaidan told SANA that the claims made by a Lebanese newspaper about shipments of wheat mixed with the carcinogenic ochratoxin are completely devoid of truth.