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Reportedly, in the DEVOTE trial, the primary endpoint was achieved by demonstrating non-inferiority of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) with Tresiba compared to insulin glargine U100.
Note: The American Taxation Association will devote part of its February 2007 midyear meeting program to teaching FAS No.
In addition, pursuing credentials, determining the amount of time and resources to devote and how it will affect the business structure, are key steps in the financial planning journey.
For more specialized industries, audit committee members in particular often need to devote extra time to understanding the financial implications of a company's circumstances.
Metro North will devote funds to complete the Grand Central Terminal restoration, renovation of the Yonkers station and creation of a station to serve those traveling to and from Yankee Stadium, provided the team decides to remain in The Bronx.
Or should the questions be so esoteric that only those who devote nearly all their working hours to tax research could earn a passing grade?
Of CPAs who spend at least 10% of their time doing A&A work, those with five or fewer years' experience devote almost half their A&A time to audit engagements.
She devotes separate chapters to the ethnic division of labor and to the labor of women.
Russell also stresses that the horoscope cast by an astrologer at Henry's birth shows that he was "predestined to devote himself both to making 'great and noble conquests and to the uncovering of secrets previously hidden from men'" [15].
And if Morris was a bit more forthcoming about his own methodology, I would gladly devote a little more time to the subject.
For one thing, head coach Lisa Mosier has decided that now is the time to fully devote herself to the program.