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Reportedly, in the DEVOTE trial, the primary endpoint was achieved by demonstrating non-inferiority of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) with Tresiba compared to insulin glargine U100.
(Note: The American Taxation Association will devote part of its February 2007 midyear meeting program to teaching FAS No.
In addition, pursuing credentials, determining the amount of time and resources to devote and how it will affect the business structure, are key steps in the financial planning journey.
New members without the requisite industry background must devote extra time and effort to gain a working understanding of that business.
Child expert Michael Wilmott of the Future Foundation said: "Parents can devote more time to each child partly because people are having fewer children.
Metro North will devote funds to complete the Grand Central Terminal restoration, renovation of the Yonkers station and creation of a station to serve those traveling to and from Yankee Stadium, provided the team decides to remain in The Bronx.
Recognizing the paper-intensive nature of most white-collar investigations, the author devotes two chapters to issues relating to subpoenas, search warrants, evidence collection, and documentation.
For example, he assumes that "developed countries will not be able to devote a steadily growing proportion of their gross national product (GNP) to health care...a limit will be set, politically and economically." This limit, he says, has almost been reached by many countries; there is "a growing public unwillingness to pay steadily higher prices or taxes for health care, or to devote an ever larger portion of national resources to the improvement of health care." Thus, Callahan conflates the willingness to pay higher taxes for other people's health care with the willingness to pay more for one's own.
Devote at Bellewstown, tonight's only action in Ireland following the cancellation of Tipperary.
A single volume could of course not be expected to realize this goal fully, so, with the publication in 1993 of The Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre, a step was taken to devote a whole volume to a "specific and focused concern for one aspect of world theatre" (vii).
The IRS plans to devote $405 million of its fiscal 1995 budget to its overall compliance initiative, which includes 5,000 additional full-time equivalent enforcement positions and 450,000 additional examinations.
The Tax Division has now developed a specific model for a tax specialty accreditation program that would benefit and be available to CPAs who devote a significant part of their professional time to tax practice.