devote attention to

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He early began to devote attention to paying the debts of his father, who lived until 1601, and restoring the fortunes of his family in Stratford.
Under the MoU, the two sides will devote attention to investing in Jerusalem, as to attract investments and strengthen the steadfastness of Jerusalemites in the face of judaization schemes.
I urge more dairies to also devote attention to this."
Alaibe stressed that he was touched by the decision of the governor to devote attention to the pressing need to eradicate the scourge of cancer at a time he was mourning his late mother, who was really close to him.
They therefore need more encouragement, resources, and time to devote attention to environmental education.
The painter initially produced these pieces to generate funds thereby allowing him to devote attention to other and, as he deemed it, more serious work.
Al-Omair expressed admiration toward FAO's role in resolving global problems such as hunger, malnutrition and poverty as well as encouraging states to devote attention to sustainable development in agriculture and food production for realizing food security.
Steward, Redlin, and Watson emphasize understanding the concepts underlying algebra, but also devote attention to the skills needed and to applications of algebra in the world outside of academia.
The two also discussed the necessity to devote attention to the Lebanese border situation as well as to support the Lebanese Army to be able to confront the dangers which are launched from those borders and threaten Lebanon, a statement said.
"As a midmarket company, we offer unique strengths in our ability to devote attention to niche brands and categories.
Mikati, who met with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees country representative Ninette Kelley and caretaker Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour over the growing number of displaced in Lebanon, also stressed the need to devote attention to both the displaced and Lebanese host communities.
Wadi said that Mbeki was forced to devote attention to the recent crisis that erupted between the two neighboring states after Sudan.