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A man of a lower nature than his, or a man believing in Mercy less devotedly than he believed, would now have felt his first suspicion of her.
And I suspected that the conversation that had been carried on in his presence (for they always say and do what they like before the dear old man, without the smallest regard for his feelings) had made a strong impression on his mind; for, naturally enough, it must have pained him to hear the emperor he so devotedly loved and served spoken of in that depreciating manner.
She loved him devotedly, but he was so ugly, with his sunken eyes and his `fidgets,' that she hid him away from people.
Truth is truth between man and woman, as between man and man," she lifted her eyes and they beamed devotedly into his, as her lip rose in a tender half-smile.
He--the shy young man--loves the heroine, oh so devotedly (but only in asides, for he dare not tell her of it), and he is so noble and unselfish, and speaks in such a low voice, and is so good to his mother; and the bad people in the play, they laugh at him and jeer at him, but he takes it all so gently, and in the end it transpires that he is such a clever man, though nobody knew it, and then the heroine tells him she loves him, and he is so surprised, and oh, so happy
To tell you the truth, Penelope," she said, "I almost wish that he were not quite so devotedly attached to his country.
Not passionately, as he would have fought to the death for Skipper, but devotedly would he have fought to the death for Nalasu.
Van Brandt had every personal advantage that a woman could desire; he was devotedly in love with her; and he felt a grateful affection for her father as the man to whom he owed his life.
And there can be no doubt that Samuel loved his wife devotedly while she lived, and treasured her memory tenderly after her death.
I love you devotedly, Anne," said Diana stanchly, "and I always will, you may be sure of that.
HIRST CONSTANCE SHIRLEY (SHIRLEY) On March 6, 2018, aged 84, at home devotedly cared for by family and friends.
DIR LOWER -- Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sarmad Saleem Akram has asked the government officials to consider themselves as public servants and work devotedly to mitigate their grievances.