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As he spoke he looked straight at Matai Shang, not as a devotee should look at a high priest, but as a ruler of men looks at one to whom he issues a command.
I should never expect to see you a devotee, but it is quite possible to be a good Christian without ceasing to be a happy, merry-hearted man.
The nervous expressive fingers, flashing in and out of the light, might well have been mistaken for the fingers of the devotee going swiftly through decade after decade of his rosary.
I did not intend to go into any detail at all, at first, but it is the failing of the true ceramiker, or the true devotee in any department of brick-a-brackery, that once he gets his tongue or his pen started on his darling theme, he cannot well stop until he drops from exhaustion.
And there was a resemblance in him to a devotee of a mad religion, blood-sucking, muscle-wrench- ing, bone-crushing.
Also, he became a devotee of the moving- picture shows, spending as much as twenty and thirty cents a day and resolutely sitting out every repetition of programme.
Eyes bright, sinister, curious, admiring, provocative, alluring were bent upon him, for his garb and air proclaimed him a devotee to the hour of solace and pleasure.
BAHAWALPUR -- Thousands of the devotees attended the celebrations of the fifth stage of the historic Channan Pir mela in the Cholistan desert near Yazman on Thursday as there was a local holiday in the district.
ISLAMABAD -- The devotees at Bari Imam Shrine, daily visiting from across the country, have expressed their resentment over the increasing number of child beggars and unwanted vendors having amalgamation with crime syndicate.
MANSEHRA -- The four-day long Shivartari annual festival Thursday concluded in a peaceful manner at Chitti Ghatti, some 15 kilometers from Mansehra where thousands of Hindu devotees attended the carnival.
The Devotee City caters to revelers and devotees from Carcar City and beyond in the south and Danao City and beyond in the north as well as those from other provinces.
9 procession honoring the Black Nazarene is touted to have improved somewhat, with reports that it moved 'faster' and that the devotees seemed 'calmer.