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Libya devotes 13.7 percent of its GNP to such subsidies, Turkmenistan devotes 11.2 percent and Uzbekistan 10.9 percent, all above Iran's 10.4 percent.
Russell also stresses that the horoscope cast by an astrologer at Henry's birth shows that he was "predestined to devote himself both to making 'great and noble conquests and to the uncovering of secrets previously hidden from men'" [15].
Skolnick devotes in excess of 100 hours each year to coordinating Greenberg Traurig's Pro Bono Program, and directing the Fellowship Foundation.
Recognizing the paper-intensive nature of most white-collar investigations, the author devotes two chapters to issues relating to subpoenas, search warrants, evidence collection, and documentation.
A keen observer of people and landscapes, he devotes lengthy passages to descriptions of both.
Finally, and most importantly, Ali devotes three chapters to internal events in Iraq and Kuwait both before and after the actual war.
Minton devotes all of his working time to the corporation's business, while Floyd devotes only 50%.
The USGCRP devotes a large fraction of its budget to building and launching instrument-laden satellites that monitor Earth from space.
television is at its most trivial and, therefore, most dangerous when its aspirations are high, when it presents itself as a carrier of important cultural conversation.' Though he devotes the second part of his book to fairly routine TV-bashing, Postman's real theme is the supplanting of an epistemology based on the printed word by one grounded in electronic media.