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There's the top-notch white flour in nearly every DEVOUR.
It will join the chase with the likes of Motorola's DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR[TM], a cell phone operating system that organizes and expedites your texts, posts, tweets, and feeds.
US wireless communications company Verizon Wireless and Motorola Inc (NYSE:MOT), a broadband and mobile communications company, on Thursday announced the immediate availability of the Motorola DEVOUR phone, both online and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores.
In order to "de-vour" her brother, though, she'll first have to devour her own fears .
Mysid shrimp devour microscopic animals, which many young fish in the Great Lakes also eat.
Logan has written a fantastic brisk Regency romantic suspense that sub-genre fans will devour in one energizing read.
The Rotomex ZX is said to devour hard and soft compound strips, regardless of whether they are cold or hot fed.
As any sci-fi geek worth the Jar-Jar pajamas he sleeps in will tell you, aliens would only come here to devour and/or probe us, so why give them a road map?
Insects such as the lesser grain borer, the red flour beetle, and the rusty grain beetle not only devour vast amounts of stored grain, but add insult to injury by defecating on the kernels, triggering the growth of fungi and molds such as Fusarium and Aspergillus.
You may choose to savor one a day during Lent, or you might want to devour them all at once.
He says: "Rely on God and devour the Americans, like lions devour their prey.
House sparrows, black-capped chickadees, and blue grouse dine on mistletoe berries, while porcupines devour whatever plant parts they can reach.