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But thou, King Minos, art thou not thyself appalled, who, year after year, hast perpetrated this dreadful wrong, by giving seven innocent youths and as many maidens to be devoured by a monster?
At first, King Minos will be angry; but he will soon forgive his only child; and, by and by, he will rejoice, I know, that no more youths and maidens must come from Athens to be devoured by the Minotaur.
A lot of them saw how dogs devoured the cadavers lying on the streets,' Adiong said.
Body builder Randy Santel devoured a huge 32oz fish and 15oz portion of chips, mushy peas, curry sauce, gravy, beans and a bap with a 500 ml bottle of pop to wash it down with.
An official of the Badin administration had disclosed that over 31,000 acres of land of the district had already been devoured by sea.
Justice Amir Hani Muslim has remarked " How can NAB reinstate those who have devoured Shaheeds (martyrs) funds.
com)-- Every year, Phoenix foodies eagerly await the most anticipated culinary event in Arizona, the Devoured Food + Wine Classic.
2 : to take in eagerly by the senses or mind <He devoured the information.
D degree in theoretical physics Here, Mallett tells his story He describes studying electronics in the US military and remaining on base to avoid the palpable racism of Biloxi, Miss During the lonely hours, he devoured books about quantum physics, philosophy, and mathematics He later enrolled in a physics program at Penn State University.
When her family and village are devoured by soul-eating monsters in human guise called the Skall, she finds herself protected by Raynor, one of the people known as The Endowed, who welcome her and her gift of soul-travel.
That was the White Mountain Fire, which devoured some 12,200 acres.
At the tasting in Paris, the French devoured literally a ton of Brazilian meat, washed down with 3,000 cups of caipirinha.