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They simply jump on their unsuspecting quarry before devouring them.
He sees Beaubourg not as a friendly machine bringing culture to the masses but as an 'incinerator absorbing all the cultural energy and devouring it'.
A year ago, Newberg notes, astronomers were convinced that the Milky Way was devouring just one galaxy, which Ibata's team found in 1994 (SN: 4/9/94, p.
The current edition of the dictionary has already covered some impressive ground, allowing contemporary Latin lovers to write confidently about devouring a pastillum botello fartum (hot dog), playing a game of pediludium (soccer) or pilamalleus super glaciem (ice hockey), spotting a res inexplicata volans (UFO), or being investigated by the officium foederatum vestigatorium (FBI).
Devouring a side of beef by himself, Indah the Sumatran tiger has a look in his eyes that says he doesn't want to share.
Finely balancing its reverence for the victims and its rage against the Rouge, Devouring Buddha is an affecting experimental documentary about the spaces between what remains and what is remembered.
More to the point, those measures are about government doing what it always does: Devouring the liberties of its subjects on any pretext.
The cyclical rhythm of devouring and digesting is anchored in the fabric of our being.
The population quickly exploded to more than 200 million, devouring native grasses, brush and tree sprouts, and turning grassland and farmland into dusty desert.
After watching sharks devour people in the film, guests were invited to turn the tables by devouring sushi, salmon and shellfish at Spago.
New growth changes topography with buildings top-heavy and wide, devouring air.
This system is devouring scarce public funds and undermining valuable housing resources.