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Talking to reporters outside Parliament House after the National Assembly's budget session, Fawad said, 'He [PM Imran] is an honest man and a devout Muslim ...
Razia Sultan, a devout Muslim woman says, "The preparations regarding the same began a fortnight ago.
He is also well known in religious circle as a devout Muslim and God fearing who through this traits became a leader in various capacities in the the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria where he served over a period spanning about 3 decades and held sway as a role model and a source of inspiration to the teeming members.
Faith Vander Voort argued that "a devout Muslim" could not serve as president because their religion "prohibits them for taking an oath to anything other than Allah," according to HuffPost.
Treasures of a Bronx Warrior, Photographs and Memories of a Devout New Yorker, Movie Star Hopeful and Loving Mother is a photo book memoir and tribute from a daughter L.D.
NNA - Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi categorically underlined the paramount importance that the devout remains steadfast to our holy land, saying that everything alters in life, including regime and states, except earth and faith.
This remarkable debut from Hurley tells the chilling story of a small parish of devout Catholics and their priest as they make their yearly pilgrimage The Loney, an isolated patch of land along the English coastline.
TELLY bosses hope to tame Strictly siren Kristina Rihanoff - by pairing her with devout Catholic crooner Daniel O'Donnell.
Although there were and still are controversies about the boundaries of that ban, most devout Muslims consider dealing with any kind of interest based instrument as against the wishes of God.
"He informed the mother that he wants his children to be raised as devout Muslims.
Ably translated into English by Father John-Julian, OJN (Founder of the Episcopal contemplative monastic Order of Julian of Norwich), "The Complete Introduction to The Devout Life" is a 448 page compendium written specifically for the benefit of non-clergy Catholics and especially addresses the demands of ordinary and secular life in a world that all too often antagonistic to spirituality.
The devout move closer to the Almighty Allah, seeking His forgiveness and mercy by offering salah and fasting.