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While a "t test for independent groups" has been performed to determine whether there was a differentiation in the opinions in terms of gender variable, a "pearson product-moments correlation coefficient" has been calculated for identifying the relationship between the levels of socio-economic status and devoutness and the perception of multiculturalism.
Not through devoutness, but perhaps because of an early knowledge he had gained that we must continue our education in accordance with the needs of the market.
Qur'an, 9:19) It is not devoutness to turn your faces to the East or to the West.
This may have been because of its large shareholdings in banks rather than the devoutness of local bankers, but everything has changed since the economic meltdown of 2013.
The proponents of climate claimed that open climate is helpful and friendly and perform constructive role in improving teachers' devoutness.
If some of the Western writers and thinkers live in the Middle East for some time, they will appreciate the devoutness of many Muslims and their displeasure at any irreverence on religious matters.
Here the play suggests that the man is protected by his piety, but other plays imply the devil cannot harm anybody, regardless of their devoutness.
Whatever the provenance of this aria, its subject matter, in the light of its similarity to the B-minor fugue, reinforces the plausible connection between Das wohltemperierte Clavier, Bach's Lutheran devoutness, and his sacred vocal music generally.
Ahmadis are known for their devoutness to religion and zeal.
The religious group, which practices an austere form of Judaism, has won admiration from some Jews for its devoutness while others have condemned it for being a cult.
But these are by no means cheap, attractive, crossover arrangements, nothing exceedingly meditative--they are altogether positive demonstrations ol personal devoutness.
Confident of his devoutness, Durga helped him slay Ravana and retrieve his wife.