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The participants performed better and faster on motor dexterity tests, plus they had more confidence in their own abilities when asked beforehand how they thought they would do.
The new NT10P PF has been designed to combine comfort, flexibility and dexterity with protection against a range of irritant chemicals that workers can encounter and who will need short term need cover," said Donald Gillespie, International Marketing Manager, Marigold Industrial Ltd.
Reality-show viewers, he asserts, participate more actively than viewers of other forms of televised entertainment, reading the motivations and hidden agendas of the onscreen contestants, thereby sharpening their social dexterity and increasing their ability to respond to other people's emotional signals.
chief of minimally invasive surgery at New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, the complex manual dexterity required to be a stellar video gamer and a laparoscopic surgeon are strikingly similar.
Even your mastery of arcane facts improves, as do your fine motor dexterity and swearing skills.
Its two arms are designed to be equivalent to human strength, scale, reach and dexterity.
These robots offer the ability to twist the bale when packaging it, similar to the dexterity of manual palletizing.
Pandas handle their food with considerable dexterity, in part because one of their paw bones has evolved a padded spur that works like a thumb.
Compounding the tragedy, he lost most of the dexterity in his fingers.
In a very different vein, the company ended the performance with Peter Pucci's Size Nine Spirit, a feel-good ensemble piece to Benny Goodman recordings that exploits Koichi Kubo's small-scale physical dexterity in a good-humored but rather relentless fashion.
This is accomplished through an assessment conducted by the nurse which focuses on such issues as dexterity, comprehension, recall and visual acuity.