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We went frequently out with this boat a-fishing; and as I was most dexterous to catch fish for him, he never went without me.
My mistress had a daughter of nine years old, a child of towardly parts for her age, very dexterous at her needle, and skilful in dressing her baby.
The creature fell stunned, and the force of its fall brought it within the reach of dexterous hunter's grasp.
Never had the crew seen so jolly and dexterous a fellow.
All the buildings and trees seemed easily practicable to such dexterous climbers as the Morlocks, to judge by their wells, must be.
A little dexterous questioning disclosed the secret of this prodigious change in our relations toward each other, and informed me of a family event which altered my position toward my sister in the most whimsical manner.
While the Blazers have the upper hand in controlling the boards, the Heavy Bombers have a platoon of speedy and dexterous guards with the potential to break the internal defense of any team.
The Gateway External Robotic Interfaces will act as a touch points for the eXploration Large Arm and the eXploration Dexterous Arm, the major robotic manipulator elements that form Canadarm3, the artificial intelligence-enabled robotic system that will service the Gateway.
Instead of hiding the most precious antique items, such things should be projected through dexterous use of information and communication technology tools, he added.
But clearly it will take a very courageous, dexterous and economically capable politician to achieve this end in a way to minimize inevitable collateral damage.
Akeredolu attributed their elevation appointment to their dedication to duty and hard work, calling on the new advocates from the state to further enrich the legal profession with their dexterous commitment to the pursuit of justice.
Especially for the festival, improvised auls(fortified villages) with yurts were set up near the city, where brave warriors, well-aimed archers, dexterous horsemen, the best craftsmen and musicians settled.