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In the likely aftermath of Afghan war, geo political chessboard is adorned where every player dexterously rushes to occupy suitable place for timely checkmate.
He manoeuvred them so dexterously that we his friends always eulogised him with shouts of 'handsome Dups' which was a pet name he gave himself.
class="MsoNormalHe also has thinly sliced cassava crisps, which he makes on the spot, dexterously slicing up the long tubes of cassava with surprising speed before dipping them into the hot karai of oil behind him.
Even though this is a debut, Braithwaite dexterously tackles the pitch of the narration, taking the melodramatic scene of the sisters disposing off a body and seamlessly transitioning into their day-to-day lives that are rife with mundane issues.
SG has dexterously juggled education, career and his passion for music.
Jaber takes his familiar circular plot into a spiral of deceit and deception, spins it in the language of truth, and draws it out of his equally engaging protagonist through selective flashbacks, subjective recollections, and dexterously employed interviews.
He will have to perform a balancing act dexterously, between India and China, maintaining friendly relations with both and not annoying either.
This time, design of the game being played dexterously was altered.
Located in Covent Garden, London's prime shopping and entertainment hub, the establishment boasts 250 seats in a two-story building and a signature open-concept kitchen, where visitors are sure to be amazed watching the dim-sum chefs dexterously wrap the famous delicacy xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings) with 18 pleats, reported The Business Times.
Six minutes later, Rashford foraged forward again, tore past Maya Yoshida to the byline and pulled back for Ander Herrera to flick in dexterously. From 2-0 down on 32 minutes United were level before the interval.
She was working dexterously removing dirt from the tyres of a Hilux GD-6 vehicle, when we caught up with her at Mojamorago Complex in Kang, where traffic is sometimes stopped by roving cattle or is calmed by speed bumps.She said she opened Bikini Hand Car Wash early this year with no intention to prove a point to her male counterparts, but to put food on her table.
After India lost their seventh wicket, Kohli faced 75 per cent of balls, so dexterously did he find pockets of space to rotate the strike.