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Hunter, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Second Award), Stock Control Leading Petty Officer, USS Dextrous (MCM 13), June 2003 to February 2007.
With hands as dextrous as a monkey's, this small mammal, a member of the bear family, can strip a corn patch, breaking stalks and ruining much more corn than it eats.
Manipulating the work or the tooling along these five axes makes the riveter dextrous enough to drill the frame and buck a rivet at any point along the airframe.
His physical condition, heavy with dropsy, virtually unable to move, in constant discomfort or pain, contrasts amazingly with the deft, dextrous, bantering prestidigitation of the writing.
In chapter 7 Minowitz contends that in WN Smith hides his atheistic social science beneath dextrous rhetoric.
His sonnets, marked by elegance and dextrous meter, are considered to be his finest work.
The spotlight of media publicity swings erratically, on one day highlighting a novel scheme for collecting solar energy, on the next picking out a dextrous, piano-playing robot, then skipping on to something else.
Hughes is a human battering ram, with deceptive pace and dextrous hands.
She's one of those people who can turn her hand to anything and has a really dextrous brain.
Chording was perfectly balanced, passage-work was fleet and dextrous, and bravura and panache abounded in the chattering Bee's Wedding-style finale.
A BREED APART If you can be dextrous, yet considered unskilled by artificers in your discipline; If you can grasp the principia of physics, yet accept the title of ignorant from men of science; If you can appreciate Zola's 'naturalism" yet accept the title of illiterate from men of literature; If you can estimate and account for pounds in mass; yet accept that the accountant is always right; If you can create the real from the unreal, yet be considered unimaginative; If you can produce a Nation's wealth, yet accept no recognition from the populace; If you can manage the unmanageable, yet be administered by the unadministered; You have the qualities of an engineer, my son, Go forth and be exploited.