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In Philippe Decoufle's Petites Pieces Montees ("Little Ornamental Pieces"), the dancers whiz around upside down, perform gymnastic routines on a thirty-foot-high apparatus, tell sad fairy tales to hilarious effect, jump in perfect synchronization attached to bungee cords, dextrously flip illuminated batons, sing songs, and occasionally vanish or appear through hidden trapdoors.
An Italian chef dextrously manipulates a pizza in an oven using a tool called a pizza peel," says Makoto Kaneko, the team's leader at Osaka University.
You can imagine my relief when the ape's attention switched to the banana, which he dextrously removed from my pocket.
Disarmingly off-kilter, We Might Disappear dextrously avoids pigeonholes.
He has a way of dextrously holding surfaces apart rather than ferreting them round each other.
Her tiny fingers dextrously transported slices of tomatoey bread and fish from her bowl, across the plastic divide of her bib, to their final destination.
The problem is that Mr Blair still feels he ``owes'' Mandelson for having so dextrously engineered his path to the leadership 10 years ago.
Blessed are those writers who relieve us of the burden of thought and who dextrously weave a luminous veil over the complexity of things.
I could be happily described as being dextrously challenged; the type of person who'd hardly know the difference between a trowel and a hammer, or between a monkey-wrench and a didgeridoo.