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I would like to appeal to the new leadership to commit and revitalise the branch, so as diminish the diabolic acts against humanity once for all, said Hon.
Some backstory on the Diabolics would have added extra interest to the story.
ST STEPHEN'S principal Valson Thampu landed in fresh trouble on Saturday for his Facebook posts where he said the sexual harassment complaint against one of his chemistry professors was a " diabolic lie".
Such devious and diabolic extremism and terrorism aim to dismantle the fabric of our community," he said.
With an all new cast and a storyline set several decades before the original, it looks set to answer the one lingering question left hanging by the first series - namely, exactly what diabolic events transpired in 1979 that left grizzled ex-cop Lou Solverson such a haunted man.
if more of us were in conscious and frequent communication with our guides, there would be a lot fewer instances of hauntings, diabolic home invasions, and even possession, all of which are far more common than the media or religious authorities care to admit.
In a statement released Thursday and published by state-run news agency MENA, Al-Azhar said that this "unethical campaign is conducted by suspicious institutions executing a diabolic plan against human values and morals of all religions".
There is clearly a diabolical aspect to the artist's works, reminding us that ever since Baudelaire's discussion of "the diabolic and diverting farrago of Brueghel the Droll," a great deal of art has been imbued with what the French writer called "a kind of special, Satanic grace": "For the words 'special grace' substitute, if you wish, the words 'madness' or 'hallucination' but the mystery remains.
So when the diabolic Black Terror threatens the whole of London they call upon the pair's help in finding the culprit.
Can they foil the Queen's diabolic plot and stop the crime of the century?
Speaking at a martyr's memorial ceremony in Hermel, Moussawi said, "It is our duty to build a resistant community that has a serious sense of responsibility in the fight against corruption and the diabolic, materialistic civilization, which is considered the greatest threat to the homeland and the nation.