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It's a perfect, diabolic surprise," thought Razumov, calm-faced in his attitude of inscrutable superiority, nodding assent to Sophia Antonovna's remarks upon the psychology of "the people," "Oh yes--certainly," rather coldly, but with a nervous longing in his fingers to tear some sort of confession out of her throat.
When that admirable Department got into trouble, and was, by some infuriated members of Parliament whom the smaller Barnacles almost suspected of labouring under diabolic possession, attacked on the merits of no individual case, but as an Institution wholly abominable and Bedlamite; then the noble or right honourable Barnacle who represented it in the House, would smite that member and cleave him asunder, with a statement of the quantity of business (for the prevention of business) done by the Circumlocution Office.
Wills would argue that the other three "gunpowder" plays from the 1606 season explicitly underline the evils of conjuring, suggesting that Shakespeare joined Dekker, Marston, and Barnes in a united dramatists' warning against trifling with diabolic forces.
It seemed as though his geographic ineptitude had become pandemic; a series of locals responded to his inquiries with diabolic inaccuracy.
Some view our sable race with scornful eye, "Their colour is a diabolic die.
Yet this "harmless" desire to break down the barriers between us and God contains a diabolic undertone.
Now I also feel Iran is using Al-Qaeda for its diabolic designs in the region.
Since the ISI is the cutting edge of Pakistan's India policy, Saeed has thus manoeuvred himself into a position from where he can leave his diabolic imprint on it.
Nevertheless, Whitechapel's fourth season looks set to top even that monumental pile of old guff, with last week's opening episode including everything from witches' covens and the Bulgarian secret police, to MI6 and "an immortal entity" whose diabolic doings have been behind every supernatural-type slaying our heroes have encountered since day one.
In the film, he narrates serious repercussions of robust growth of science of genetics and its diabolic bearings concerning a nation's generation.
Bigger, Better Toys: The Gun Bros arsenal has been expanded with even crazier and more lethal guns, including the Deuce Dropper X90 and Diabolic Maws.
Into this scene stumbles Nick and Ivan and a spooky stranger, Mr Lockhart, played with devilish precision by Ron Cook ( who has a diabolic agenda of his own.