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Early-onset bipolar disorder is difficult to diagnose because symptoms overlap with other disorders as well as with normal childhood development.
In recent years, new forms of Pap tests and other new technologies have health care professionals excited about the ability to better diagnose precancerous lesions.
The Quest Software strategy for APM is comprised of three integrated product areas that detect, diagnose and resolve application performance issues in major packaged applications including Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle e-Business Suite and SAP; major database platforms including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and Sybase; as well as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and other custom Web-based or J2EE applications.
Patients with organic heart diseases--such as coronary, valvular, or congenital heart diseases--or cardiomyopathy, are easier to diagnose than patients with cardiac conduction system disease (arrhythmia).
The doctor may diagnose Marfan syndrome if the patient has a family history of the disease and there are specific problems in at least two of the body systems known to be affected.
But will such systems ever diagnose cancer as well as or better than a trained clinician?
Had they used conventional HIV testing, none of those diagnoses could have been made in time for doctors to deliver antiviral treatment in the crucial hours around childbirth.
This [technology] will increase our ability to diagnose sarcomas.
An ultrasound and biopsies didn't diagnose a malignancy.
This failure resulted in a missed opportunity to diagnose and treat the cancer, allowed the cancer to metastasize and become inoperable, and is directly responsible for the results observed here,'' Miller wrote.
The PSA test is the only test currently available to men who are now encouraged to be tested from the age of 40 years in a bid to diagnose prostate cancer and decide on treatment options.
This controversy has played into a dispute over how accurately family physicians can diagnose depression (SN: 3/11/95, p.