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Major Isotopes and their Diagnostic Applications II-39
Dr Steve Little, CEO of DxS, added: "We are delighted that SMD has chosen to use Scorpions for the expansion of its diagnostics portfolio.
CombiMatrix is going through a transition and has made significant structural and operational changes to most efficiently utilize its resources in advancing its molecular diagnostics business plan.
A Delineate of Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals II-64
An essential value of this acquisition is in the outstanding people and world class molecular diagnostic technologies that have been developed by VGI," commented Peter Knueppel, Ph.
Jeffrey Allard, vice president and chief scientific officer of Fujirebio Diagnostics.
HIV or HIVI/hIVII Test Volume and Diagnostics Sales
Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Roche is one of the world's leading research-oriented healthcare groups in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and vitamins.
Developers of Novel Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnostic Products and the Products'
Apple Personal Diagnostics is designed to reduce system downtime, minimize support calls, offer trouble-shooting tips, and help users identify the source of problems.
The information about past companion diagnostic products, business models for drug/diagnostic collaborations, education & marketing, intellectual property, regulatory, and reimbursement is intended for those in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device industries interested in developing companion diagnostics, as well as stand-alone diagnostics.
Thus, the longer the patients stay, higher the number of diagnostic tests done.

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