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In 2009 Swinton Technology partnered with DP Diagnostics to create the industry ready "Prognosis" DP meter diagnostic system.
Investment in improved TB diagnostic tools could be life transforming for test developers and TB sufferers.
For research instrument companies transitioning to the molecular diagnostics market, partnerships provide a reliable entry as diagnostic companies can provide expertise, distribution and marketing, and assistance with FDA approval.
The availability of the new QIAGEN Fast Cycling PCR Kit for general PCR applications and for amplification of complex DNA templates extends QIAGEN's wide portfolio of assay technology solutions for research and diagnostics and satisfies the increasing demand for greater speed in PCR.
Both firms are active in the immunochemistry business, a sub-segment of IVD, which involves diagnostics for fertility, allergies, cancer and other pathologies.
Giorgio D'Urso, CEO and president of IVAX Diagnostics, said, "We are proud to have obtained the highest quarterly net revenues in the history of IVAX Diagnostics.
Diagnostic testing rates varied by type of symptom reported; the highest rate was 29%, for visits in which the woman complained about vaginal symptoms, and the lowest was 8%, for those in which urinary symptoms were reported.
iSurety leverages the relational diagnostics of ADIC's Scalar i2000 tape library, an event response approach that reduces service calls by 50% over conventional libraries and provides 30% faster issue resolution.
Diagnostic Stago, a France-based manufacturer of hospital lab equipment, is dedicated to researching and developing innovative skills that develop increasingly effective medical diagnostic products and instruments.
To make diagnostic tests widely available in the developing world, Sia and a team led by George Whitesides of Harvard invented an automated, miniaturized ELISA test.
The expectation that there'll be fewer service calls, better diagnostic ability, and less need for problem resolutions means less need to send field engineers out to customer sites and to just reduce the overall service costs, and service costs both to the end user as well as of the service and support overhead of the storage supplier.
Growth in diagnostic equipment demand is expected to exceed five percent annually though 2007 to $770 million.

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