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Comparison of routine clinical diagnoses of mental disorder by PCPs and DSM-IV diagnoses by psychiatrists Mental disorder Mental disorder absent present (PCP) (PCP) Total Case (presence of DSM-IV 8 32 40 diagnosis as determined by psychiatrist) Non-case (absence of DSM-IV 4 113 117 diagnosis as determined by psychiatrist) Total 12 145 157 Diagnostic sensitivity 20%, diagnostic specificity 96.
Before we had mood stabilizers, we used them to treat both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, so there was not even diagnostic specificity, much less specificity at a chemical level.
OPKO intends to commercialize a serum test based on four of these markers which provided a diagnostic sensitivity of 90% and a diagnostic specificity of 100%.
Although measurement of plasma fractionated metanephrines has a diagnostic sensitivity of 96% to 100%, the diagnostic specificity is suboptimal at 85% to 89%; the diagnostic specificity falls to 77% in patients older than 60 years.
71 application, payers will be ready to accept utilization management requests with ICD-10 codes and deliver care management interventions with greater diagnostic specificity.
The low diagnostic specificity and positive predictive value of only approximately 25% for screening (3) encourages opponents of PSA to be overly critical and to neglect some of its contributions (e.
Increased diagnostic specificity would allow a 'see-and-treat' approach during one visit, skipping the expense of a biopsy and a return visit," Dr.
Two-tiered serology has high diagnostic specificity and high sensitivity in later stages of disease but "leaves quite a bit to be desired for early disease," said Dr.
Preliminary results from the single-center study suggest that compared to SPECT MPI, flurpiridaz F 18 PET MPI has a higher diagnostic specificity for detecting right coronary artery disease and a higher accuracy for evaluating the extent of stress-induced myocardial perfusion abnormalities with coronary angiography as the gold standard.
5% diagnostic sensitivity, 100% diagnostic specificity, and 55% efficiency (6).
Using the Chronix method, breast cancer was accurately detected at a diagnostic specificity level of 95% with a calculated sensitivity of 90%.

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