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Radiograph that has major errors which render the radiograph diagnostically unacceptable receives rating "3".
Following the ALARA and ALADA (as low as diagnostically acceptable) principles, any anatomical areas missed on a particular image but visible and diagnostically acceptable on a different image taken at the same time did not result in clinical re-exposure and, hence, were not included.
Culture is considered 73%-93% diagnostically sensitive (8).
Husband #3 was from field services: he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up.
The primary advantage of having a cytopathologist on site is for microscopic review to determine if the specimen is diagnostically adequate.
Pavingthe Way for the Next Generation of Clinical Multimodality Imaging Applications and designed to diagnostically address the complexities of human body, Apollo Hospitals has installed a PET CT and a PET MR, which is first of its kind across South Asia, in the PET-SUITE,signifying a tremendous leap forward in imaging capabilities.
In more recent years, many states have established means for differentiating districts and schools based on finer-grained analysis of student performance and diagnostically determining gaps in operational and professional practice that contribute to student outcomes.
Back in September I had problems with my battery and it cost a fortune having the car towed away, diagnostically tested, and a new battery fitted.
A further analysis showed that the overlap between the two conditions was small about 17%--indicating that they could be easily diagnostically differentiated.
In gynecology, minilaparoscopy has been utilized diagnostically since the mid-1990s to perform conscious pain mapping with local anesthesia.
In such cases, the possibility of using laparoscopy both diagnostically and therapeutically presents the same advantages over laparotomy as in non-trauma situations.
Unsuitable for cytodiagnosis 0-2 Diagnostically adequate 3-6 Diagnostically superior 7-10

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