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The diagnostician and treating doctor would have to agree on the diagnosis, which ensures that every patient receives a second opinion for any serious illness.
Educational diagnosticians are a type of special education teacher.
Siegel of Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, although some newer AI systems are good cancer therapy decisionmakers, "the notion of applied artificial intelligence as automated diagnostician is little more than fantasy.
Belinda was a skilled diagnostician and clinician, welcoming any challenge.
He had a wonderful clinical sense and was an excellent diagnostician.
Silverman is a psychological diagnostician with 30 years of experience, and Weinfeld has published two other books on similar topics.
HOUSE - SEASON THREE (15) Hugh Laurie's brilliant eccentric diagnostician Gregory House identifies mystery illnesses in Golden Globe award-winning medical drama.
BRILLIANT diagnostician Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) leads his team through 24 more tricky cases in the entire second series of the quirky, Golden Globe awardwinning medical drama.
This is followed by "Tasks," very similar to the questions an experienced diagnostician would ask should a similar case be presented.
As a diagnostician of American consciousness, Trow brings to his job a playfulness and poetic accuracy that demonstrate how much the literary mind can do that ideology can't.
Now Slobodian is preparing for a career as a medical technician, having recently become a certified ultrasound diagnostician.