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Prior to the Master Diagnostician Training Initiative, FORSCOM collaborated with its partners at TRADOC and the Combined Arms Support Command to create the Unit Diagnostics Immersion Program (UDIP).
Selection of a contractor for the service consisting of experts on the development of reports on the situation of human resources laboratory diagnosticians and laboratory technicians directly involved in the process of treating patients within the 30 groups of diseases defined by the employer, based on the international classification of diseases and related health problems revision x.
Operating within the TPA's network, a diagnostician would examine the patient, obtain test results, establish a diagnosis, dispense medical advice, prescribe drugs, and administer routine (low-cost) care.
Educational diagnosticians usually begin by assessing a student's strengths and weaknesses through tests.
Hand-carried ultrasounds, which I have used since 1993, can boost our status as diagnosticians and help improve quality of care.
It may not do all that much good to insist on psychiatrists being the primary users of DSM-V if they are really poor diagnosticians, and though better than those in other disciplines (as I suspected and hoped), it's a comparison of "bad and worse.
Although teachers are not diagnosticians, they often must search for some relief for a child or the child's peers before a diagnosis has been made.
This book remains an indispensable guide to producers, extension personnel, diagnosticians, students, home gardeners and others involved with vegetable production.
And there's the "narrative medicine" movement, which is teaching doctors to become better, more inductive diagnosticians by listening to a patient's story.
Virus isolation was attempted; the influenza virus in canine lungs was unexpected since no influenza virus infection in dogs had been reported, except a recent communication at a meeting of veterinary diagnosticians (4).
One of the things we get from diagnosticians is that this takes too long," Dr.