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The CombiMatrix group's technology has a wide range of potential applications in the areas of genomics, proteomics, biosensors, drug discovery, drug development, diagnostics, combinatorial chemistry, material sciences and nanotechnology.
A Delineate of Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals II-64
The Infectious Disease segment is one of the fastest growing segments within the Diagnostics industry, with an annual projected growth rate of 20-percent through 2005.
Previously, these proteins have been difficult to detect, and patient monitoring required a comprehensive series of diagnostic tests.
Campylobacter Test Volume and Diagnostics Sales Forecast by
Key Players in Novel Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnostics for Detection of Preterm Delivery
Apple Personal Diagnostics includes an optional Automated Diagnostics feature that automatically tests the Macintosh system while it is not in active use.
The increasing incidence of diabetes and the resulting higher volumes of diagnostic tests are bound to support this strong growth.
Baxter has an exclusive right of first offer for all diagnostic products developed by Spectral other than under specific development agreements.
Flowers, president, Stratus Immunochemistry Division said "Stratus and its system of automated diagnostics is a leader in the area of cardiac diagnostics.