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All the participants in this study reported using the diagonal approach for commode transfers more often.
: It is the company's first mobile all-in-one PC with a 20-inch diagonal touchscreen display.
Through the purchase of Pennsylvania-based Diagonal, G3 Global will not only expand its US presence but will also maximise benefits both for staff and customers.
It is easily seen that the sum in (1) gives the total number of cells between the supporting Dyck path and the main diagonal. Note that two cars in the same diagonal with the car on the left smaller than the car on the right will contribute a unit to din[upsilon](PF) called a "primary dinv".
VISION: Diagonal lock inventor Terry Fogarty, second right, from Knowle shows Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore, left and members of the Lapal Canal Trust a model of the Camp Hill side of the city.
Flavin was enthralled by the compound nature of the lamp--the lamp as object and the seepage of the light, which exceeds it: "Regard the light and You are fascinated--inhibited from grasping its limits at each end." Through-our his text, he summons the rhetoric of miraculous beholding; post-icon, the diagonal still qualifies as pseudodivine, "a buoyant and relentless gaseous image which, through brilliance, betrayed its physical presence into approximate invisibility." (Facing the light, Flavin even had recourse to formlessness, invoking Kant: The Sublime is to he found in a formless object, so far as in it, or by occasion of it, boundlessness is represented.") With the diagonal, the mounted lamp was, then, an object of fixation.
The 20' diagonal HP W2071d and 23" diagonal HP W2371d LED Backlit LCD monitors offer 1,600 x 900 and 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, respectively, 3m-to-1 and 8m-to-1 dynamic contrast ratios, respectively, and a 5ms on/off response time.
Therefore, it is difficult to determine the value of the diagonal tension stress and the cracking load in a RC beam because the distributions of shear and flexural stresses are not known precisely.
--Podria decirse que la presencia humana modifica la andadura de los cuadrupedos, haciendolos pasar de la ambladura a la diagonal. ?No le parece curioso?
Based on this study, the left diagonal system would favour the offence (viewing more attacks from right-to-left), and the right diagonal system would favour the defence (viewing more attacks from left-to-right).
I made all three of these examples using diagonal flow to express visual ideas while shooting in Vietnam.
Entre los datos mas significativos, en el sexo masculino predomina el esquema mental Horizontal con 17.4% (12); en segundo lugar, se observa que el 13% (9) corresponde al esquema mental Horizontal Vertical; en tercer lugar se observa que el 10.1% (7); en el sexo femenino predomina el esquema mental Horizontal vertical con 10.1% (7); en segundo lugar se situa el esquema mental Horizontal Diagonal con 8.7% (6); en tercer lugar se observa el esquema mental Impreciso con 5.8% (4).

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