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You would replace six existing locks with one diagonal lock and you would then build a roof converting the canal section into a tunnel.
Natalie Massent, founder of Net-a-Porter said: "We've worked with Diagonal View on multiple projects and the team never fails to deliver video content that is both engaging and showcases the essence of our brand.
In similarity with 2D stairs, we define a 3D stair as an inscribed polyomino of minimal volume forming a path starting in a given corner of the prism, say the north-west-back corner, and moving with unit steps in the south, east or forward direction until it reaches the opposite 3D diagonal corner as in figure 2(d).
My vantage point and framing form matching diagonal lines out of the shadowed right arm extending into the flowers, and the rope he draws back with his left hand.
2 -- color) The intersection of Erwin Street and Owensmouth Avenue in Woodland Hills is set to get a diagonal crosswalk in March.
The measurements are taken with the laser pointing along the body diagonal direction and the retroreflector moving along the body diagonal at a specified increment (see figure 2).
Both displays are designed in anticipation of a 60-inch diagonal advanced TV (ATV) with the following characteristics: aspect ratio 16:9; active area 53" x 30"; ATV format with 480 x 852 color lines; 256 gray levels; and brightness of at least 1000 Nits.
It would seem, therefore, that the length of the diagonal depends on the lengths of the sides.
Here the recently extended Diagonal defines and connects four sectors of redevelopment, with the 22@ plan and Sagrera to each side--post-industrial areas being transformed largely for new 'advanced industries'--and the Forum and Glories at either end--new parks anchored in turn by H & dM's and Nouvel's ground-scraping and sky-scraping buildings; two future-scale landmark buildings, one steadily rising to the south (p42), the other (H & dM's 45,000 sq m exhibition and assembly building) nearing the end of its first incarnation as host of the 'Universal Forum of Cultures' events and as a stage for the city's breathtaking 'Barcelona in Progress' exhibition.
Begin by putting your cursor in the target cell and click on Format, Cells and Border and then select the diagonal box in which the slash mark rises from the lower left to the upper right (see screenshot below).
The first movement exploded with male soloists and groups leaping along diagonal paths and contrasting horizontal trajectories, until the audience had seen all eight: Andrew Bowman, Kristoffer Sakurai, Ulrik Birkkjaer, Morten Eggert, David Kupinski, Cedric Lambrette, Julien Ringdahl and Martin Stauning.