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This sample of diagramming websites is representative and of general interest: (Broughton 2003; Macintosh 2006; MacNamara 2004; Moutoux 2005; Orozco 1995; and Rogers 2000).
Where we save money," says Hernandez, "is by eliminating processing steps by using the Insurance Zone diagramming program.
A descriptive notation system for contingency diagramming in behavior analysis.
As more than just a diagramming tool, an integrated network documentation and design tool should be built on a network model in order for it to be truly useful to integrator engineers.
A free demo of LucidChart's collaborative diagramming application is available at http://www.
As Altima has expanded into the Audio/Video diagramming field, our customers have demanded a single subscription that would allow them to download any NetZoom products.
Altima produces a family of NetZoom solutions that enable IT professionals to create detailed network design documentation in a variety of applications including Microsoft(R) Visio(R), Microsoft(R) PowerPoint(R) and other diagramming applications.
Through UML, users gain the ability to export data for object-oriented diagramming, making diagrams and specifications consistent between software development methodologies.
Founded in 1988, MeetingMatrix International is the premier provider of both software and diagramming solutions for the global meeting industry, with approximately 80 percent of the captured market share.
0 is the all-in-one, 2D precision design, production drafting and diagramming solution for the engineering and technical enterprise.
0 and includes an evaluation copy of the cost-effective 2D diagramming and schematic software.