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some of them could not name their specific dialect--they just knew they were speaking a little dialectally.
Codeswitching: Tools of language and culture transform the dialectally diverse classroom.
100) The pregnancy of these symbols, it must be noted, and the safeguard against their mystification or overly innocent reading, resides in their capacity to communicate truth dialectally.
Catherine Miller examines the language of migrants from the dialectally diverse Upper Egypt (Sohag-Gena area) in Cairo.
MS Arundel 168 has been dated to 1460-150017 and is associated dialectally with Norfolk.
Quite possibly, the author, considering how devastating religious schisms, bigotry, and fanaticism have become in modern societies, had a wider audience in mind when he wrote the book, though, paradoxically enough, his dialectally colored New Norwegian may limit its potential readership even within the borders of his own country.
Table 2 below classifies dialectally the texts containing twen(e).
For the past verb the situation is dialectally complicated, even if Modern Western Aramaic is only spoken in three villages.
The scene also allowed for the story to enter the discourse on the armed struggle, and to dialectally explore the terrorists' reasons for what they had done.