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It is absolutely crucial to highlight that this direct action is not separate from cultural struggle, they are dialectally related--one is difficult to achieve and maintain without the other when it necessitates.
Dialectally, too, his orthography sometimes suggests Doric, sometimes general Scots, sometimes English, in passages where there is no realistic reason at all for the variation.
Yet Merrybegot (2003) might have risked overdependence on written sources, since it heavily drew on the splendid Dictionary of Newfoundland English, a reference work amply demonstrating that Newfoundland diction and speech is the dialectally richest in English Canada.
Our arts-based participatory approach, in the context of multicultural and second language education, aims to support students and teachers in grappling with local power relations which are dialectally connected to broader institutional and societal practices that marginalize students and teachers based on race, class, gender, and other markers of difference (Nieto & Bode, 2008).
One side of the dichotomy is dialectally acting in relation to the other.
It can be useful to view cultural systems dialectally, for example inclusive v.
Tsez has two constructions to express the negative indirect evidential, and they are dialectally conditioned.
Such updating of archaic forms or removal of dialectally striking forms has been noted in other texts that Caxton claims to have revised by updating the language, such as Trevisa's English Polychronicon.
and that Verb Class and Agentivity are significant factors cross dialectally.
The case-study of the madman Pierre is presented dialectally by means of variable focalization.
While not used in standard Italian, deferential voi was widespread in the first half of the 20th century and still occurs dialectally.