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Once you select the IF function in the Name Box, Excel will open the Function Arguments dialog box.
Do not click "yes" when an Active X dialog box keeps popping up unless you know exactly what you're downloading.
Again, in the Select Data Source dialog box, in the Horizontal Axis Labels section, click the Edit button.
If you double-click that icon, a dialog box will display the connection time, amount of data transferred, and a Disconnect button.
0, users select the "Open" or "Save_as" options under the File menu to launch a dialog box containing a list of their image and multimedia files.
If your database product doesn't appear, click on Browse to locate it on your computer and then click on OK, engaging the Select Database dialog box (exhibit 3, page 54).
According to president Bob Nofftle, the basic mold assembly can be completed with just four picks in a dialog box.
About -- places an "About" dialog box in an application and includes popup buttons for technical support and system information.
When "save as" is chosen, a folder display dialog box is presented within the Office application with the Project Insight folders the team member has access to.
When the dialog box "opens, select the Header/ Footer tab and select whether you want a Custom Header or Footer (see screenshot).
5 also allows users to access podcasts via a dialog box that provides access to a "helper" application such as a Web browser or audio player.
In the Internet Options dialog box scroll in the Settings window to the Multimedia category and remove the check at Show Pictures.