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Jamaica Kincaid wrote two books on gardens, plants and flowers: My Garden (Book): (1999), about her first garden in Vermont, and Among Flowers: A Walk in the Himalaya (2005) about her trekking trip in the Himalaya with three seed collectors, in which, in Bakhtinian terms, she dialogizes gardens--not only hers but gardens all over the planet.
Shawn Hsu Wong's account dialogizes official discourse mainly by means of heteroglossia and its structural components: authorial, narrator, character speech, and framing genres.
Overflowing because even when they appear to be fixed, they still contain within them alternative, denied, or suppressed definitions."(53) Woolf thus polarizes and dialogizes abstraction and empathy because she recognizes that each perspective alone is both too full and too empty, and because she wants to undo the binary compulsions--"man"/"woman"; "representation"/"form"; "realism"/"modernism"; "culture"/"nature"; "tragedy"/"comedy"--that mask the open, heterogeneous wholeness of self and history behind the closed completedness of identity and genre.
The scene "dialogizes" the narrative by introducing voices from vastly different discourses.
For my purposes, however, Hill's film will suffice to demonstrate how later film-makers can dialogize a familiar genre.
Instead of imposing fixity and stability on the events lived through by different groups, this novel tends to dialogize the significance that we have usually attached to particular historical episodes.
But at the same time as they dialogize the site of the speaker in front of his audience, their dialogue (transcribed and also available on CD) remains about Antin's staged monologue, in that one imagines Cotner and Fitch's performance taking place in the audience as members and from the audience's point of view.
Such a perspective would in turn shed light on the already dialogized quality of Dorothy Wordsworth's poems as direct and indirect responses to "Tintern Abbey." I say "already dialogized" because as utterances addressing "Tintern Abbey" they do not simply dialogize its discursive elements, but to the degree that they adopt certain of its discursive features as a totality of stylistic and thematic elements in the Bakhtinian sense, they are colored and influenced by its language and internal dialogization.
While men wish to solidify them in completed, Mammoth-like others, under whose shadows they can continue to evolve and change, Svevo's women reaffirm their independence and the prerogative to dialogize. Occasionally, Minghelli's desire to conjoin these disparate texts under the rubric of pedagogy and "tutela" appears somewhat forced, but the overall structure of the argument remains well-grounded.
As Eisenstein continued to dialogize cinema with many other forms besides theater (including the novels of Charles Dickens and James Joyce, Walt Whitman's poetry, Japanese scroll painting, Kabuki theater, haiku poetry, and Disney cartoons), his theory of montage and filmic experimentation grew more complex (Kinder).
These monologues explicitly dialogize the narrative (McLean 98), while associating the female subject with a figural mind that is as searchingly introspective as a male autobiographer's.
to dialogize the personal, political, and critical voices/languages of our students, in ways that will carry far beyond the limits of our class;