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Centralizes dialog management and automates advanced dialog features which makes for easy reuse within and across applications, thereby speeding design and reducing costs.
We are pleased that Envox 6 was the first platform to be integrated with OpenSpeech Dialog and that it was selected by Logica CMG for their first xHMI-based deployment," said Mark D.
OpenSpeech Dialog provides developers with access to all xHMI-based applications and application components without the need to re-train on multiple sets of tools, promoting a high degree of interoperability.
Major global organizations are increasingly relying on Vignette(R) Dialog to automate the process of engaging prospects, customers, partners and employees with personalized, context-sensitive interactions.
a free service that helps families get money back for college from America's leading companies, implemented Vignette Dialog to deliver timely, relevant service information to its members.
Unlike other out-of-the-box Web interaction development solutions, Dialog Interaction Server is based on Chordiant's JX Architecture(TM), which provides native support for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and XML software standards incorporated in many enterprises today.
Chordiant's latest CRM offering, Dialog Interaction Server, is designed to consistently improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customers, prospects, partners and employees who are using the Web to interact with a business.
Helping our core constituents of information professionals use DialogSelect and Dialog Intranet Toolkit to successfully deploy information within their organizations is an important strategic thrust for us," said Paul Colucci, Dialog senior vice president of product development.
The service enhancements recently added to DialogSelect and Dialog Intranet Toolkit include greater flexibility and control over the Alerts feature, which gives users the ability to set up personalized clipping services.
The products utilize technology first developed for The Dialog Corporation's critically acclaimed Internet-based DialogSelect(TM) service and the company's powerful proprietary data categorization system, InfoSort(R).
In addition, The Dialog Corporation has recognized that users in one particular industry may want to track information on multiple industries.