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The difficulty in framing general notions which has appeared in this and in all the previous Dialogues recurs in the Gorgias and Theaetetus as well as in the Republic.
There is no reason to suppose that any of the Dialogues of Plato were written before the death of Socrates; the Meno, which appears to be one of the earliest of them, is proved to have been of a later date by the allusion of Anytus.
FUNK: From the Catholic perspective, the purpose of dialogue is harmony and unity among human beings, as well as a shared responsibility for the next generation and for quality of life now.
As I went deeper into dialogue with Catholics (and with Protestants), I also learned that there were not very many of my fellow Jews who were interested in theological and in spiritual dialogue.
Inter-religious dialogue has had the support of the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council's Declaration on the relationship of the Church to non-Christian religions, perhaps better known by its opening words Nostra aerate (In this age of ours), October 28, 1965.
No one is better equipped than David Marsh to write a book on the nachleben of the Lucianic dialogue in the Renaissance.
Out of their collaboration has come a 40-page dialogue guide, One America in the 21st Century, which has been shipped to college campuses across the country where dialogues are taking place.
From a modern Catholic perspective, it is tempting to think of the history of Christian-Muslim relations as one that, at least in recent decades, has been gradually moving from a pattern of confrontation and conflict to one of dialogue and cooperation.
Any post-Shoah theology must be constructed in dialogue and focused on dialogue, not on received traditions.
Our own moment is fascinated with notions of the dialogic, from Bakhtin's famous analyses of the discourse of the novel, to Habermas's exploration of the relationship between dialogue and interest.