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This Dialogue contains the first intimation of the doctrine of reminiscence and of the immortality of the soul.
Or he may have been regardless of the historical truth of the characters of his dialogue, as in the case of Meno and Critias.
The conference provided proof that the dialogues in each of these areas are thriving, although against tremendous odds.
All the conference participants agreed, however, that the steady involvement of more and more people in the dialogues is critical if they are to succeed against the onslaught of extremism on both sides.
My work in various dialogues has given me the opportunity to see that theologians tend to incorporate only those materials that seem to be readily adaptable to the dialogue taking place.
Any post-Shoah theology must be constructed in dialogue and focused on dialogue, not on received traditions.
He authored some eighty extant works, principally dialogues.
Out of their collaboration has come a 40-page dialogue guide, One America in the 21st Century, which has been shipped to college campuses across the country where dialogues are taking place.
His piece offers an excellent starting point for anyone interested in reading dialogues.
Actually, Cox points out that documentary dialogues of the early Cinquecento, which were clearly preferred by Italian writers over fictional dialogues, shared more of the characteristics of Cicero's dialogues than of Plato's, namely, speakers of a relatively high status, close attention to historical accuracy, and an overwhelming concern with decorum.