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The relative change in the diametric thickness of the enamel insulation [delta][LAMBDA] in the continuous process of manufacturing the enamel wire [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with diameter of 0.
warning that spooked me, or was it the diametric opposite of abrupt, the
Erdoy-an's advisers have long been voicing concerns over their unorthodox views of economic governance and diametric opposition to Babacan, BaE-cy and E[currency]imE-ek.
Then a falloff in efficiency will follow, as rapid wear increases the diametric clearance between the screw flights and the barrel.
The ongoing battles between the two, which are viewed as diametric opposites, need to be resolved to solve the detrimental political stalemates that have proved barriers to both: topics here contrasting opposing perspectives with an eye to encouraging collaboration rather than confrontation, gathering arguments and documents under one cover.
Circumference increase was measured by a digital caliper and converted into diametric increment by dividing the obtained value in millimeter (mm) by [pi].
This contactless system measures the absolute angle of a diametric magnetized on-axis magnet.
Palengke" brand might actually be the diametric opposite of all it connotes.
Now, with the military establishment leading the way, and Sisi at the helm, the same dynamic plays out even more ferociously, and has placed old allies in diametric opposition.
Henry further clarifies the seemingly diametric opposites that were Yakov and Jacob Gordin, by identifying how the radical politics of Gordin's early literary career were tempered when he adopted the role of playwright:
But in diametric contrast, Wrexham has announced itself opposed to a merger with Flintshire saying it's a large enough to stand alone.