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Ndigbo and Buhari may have a history of diametric politics, but they share a common attribute; tenacity.
More particularly, the cartridge has unique length and diametric relationships which enable propellants to be burned more quickly and completely, thereby producing more energy and muzzle velocity for any given powder capacity than is possible with most previous cartridges having the same powder capacity."
Where, P corresponds to the probability that a tree of a diametric class [x.sub.i] presents evidence of some type of injury, e is the natural antilogarithm, [b.sub.0] and [b.sub.1] correspond to the parameters of the linear model that models the probability of the binomial process that a tree has or no evidence of damage (1 or 0, respectively).
It had begun as an asymptomatic papule one year ago; gradually progressed to reach the present size of 1cm diametric nodule.
Firstly, the alliance was unacceptable since it was between two ideologically diametric forces.
The notice also indicated that all high capacity vehicles from upcountry will be relocated to Machakos terminus while diametric routes will operate from the central bus station.On April 23, the county government warned that it will not issue any other notification to PSV operators with regards to the relocation of new termini.
The diametric opposition between people's lifestyles in the West and those in Ethiopia can send the mind spinning.
Given the rise of the nation state in the past two centuries, allowing money and goods to move freely, as they do today, while restricting people's movement, works in diametric opposition to natural laws.
Although the overall incidence of primary intracranial neoplasms in pregnant women is slightly decreased compared to age matched nonpregnant counterparts [1], the dramatic physiologic and hormonal changes of pregnancy are associated with a more complicated clinical course, exacerbated maternal symptoms, and increased velocity of diametric tumor expansion [2, 3].
This new project is proof that the Moroccan is achieving a diametric shift in its industrial sector, which is driving the creation of highly specialized jobs in the country.
Unfortunately, the diametric opposite occurred in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, and the consequent outcome was equally obverse.
3 shows the results of a relative change in the diametric thickness of the enamel insulation [delta][DELTA] in the continuous process of manufacturing 60 coils of the enamel wire.