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06" to 12" in diameter with tolerances of 40 millionths on OD, roundness and straightness, diametrical clearance of spools and sleeves to 80 millionths.
The diametrical deflections of samples were measured at different time intervals using a high-accuracy micrometer.
Scope of work: Works on diametrical line in Warsaw section Warszawa Wschodnia - Warszawa Zachodnia
The contrast between the tangible worldly nature of Alcina's domain and the ethereal heavenly qualifies of Logistilla's kingdom undoubtedly recalls the diametrical opposition of the Neoplatonic terrestrial and celestial domains.
As long as the diametrical pitch or pressure angles are not changed, the same wheel can be used to grind a variety of workpieces regardless of the helix angle or number of teeth.
As the beam moved from one side of a sample to the other across a diametrical line on a sliced, stress-whitened sample of HDPE, the intensity decreased because of scattering from stress-whitening to level [I.
Indeed, the sympathetic tack of ``Robert Frost'' stands in almost diametrical opposition to Meyers' earlier biographies of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, in which he - much like Thompson with Frost - belittled his subjects by focusing on their personal foibles and follies.
Tenders are invited for Retaining Compuond Loctite 638 In 250Ml Pack Colour Green, High Shear Strength - 4500 31 Psi N/Mm2 , Diametrical Clearance 300F 150C .
B] is the total weight of rotating parts of transmission, m is a weight of all details of transmission, D is the maximal diametrical dimension of transmission in this case was applied.
By making this subject position explicit, Scola of course is asserting his antithetical intent in Una giornata particolare--the public of his film will be constructed in diametrical opposition to the imagined spectatorship of the Fuhrer.
Rather than regard the two religions as diametrical opposites, he sees them as inseparable, indeed complementary, in African American culture.
The inconstant hands over the parchment and delights in his enemy's bafflement at the Laws' content, the diametrical opposite of his original reading.