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Therefore, the evaluation of the effect of this change in the diametrical thickness t of the enamel on the breakdown voltage is crucial in selecting the control parameters and the required boundaries of the evaluation interval and is of great practical importance in the production conditions.
Its agenda is to devour the antelope and the antelope's agenda is to avoid being eaten, in other words the agendas are exact diametrical opposites.
Homeopathy continues to be at diametrical odds to the current theories of physics and chemistry.
His commitment to liberal elitism and protectionist politics shapes his diametrical opposition to Killmonger, who sees himself as a revolutionary savior of the people.
For the rectangular stress wave, the variation of the peak factor with propagation distance in different diametrical bars was investigated, as manifested by Figure 14.
which contradicts the diametrical contractivity unless z [member of] Fix([M.sub.[lambda]]) = Fix(M).
These results are presented in relation to diametrical shrinkage and thickness shrinkage.
However, Sankara does not intend avidya to be the diametrical opposite of vidya.
The projection portion spirally extends from a position in an outer side than contact end so as to reach a position in an inner side in the tire width direction than the contact end, and protrudes to an inner side in a tire diametrical direction from the outer skin portion so as to terminate without reaching a bottom surface of the tread rubber.
The one thread of inconsistency that had led to a 'two step forward, one step back' status for the country, was a completely diametrical approach of how to run the country by successive leaders.