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The sketchbook and diary,' continues Nakpil, 'are an engrossing look not only in the mind of Juan Luna and what interested him-he had an engineer's scientific mind in his dissection of even the most ordinary kitchen equipment-but also of that time in our nation's first days leading to its struggle for independence.
Kennedy wrote in his diary that Hitler "had in him the stuff of which legends are made.
II Kellner had confined herself to an analysis and comparison of three complex diary novels, all would have been well.
The study, published in the January edition of the journal Rheumatology International, examined the effect of a daily pain diary on recovery from acute lower back sprain.
Lounsberry calls Woolf's early diary "more structurally experimental than any of the diaries [Woolf] read" and notes that in her "first two decades as a diarist, not one of her diaries resembles another" (5).
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Her diary ends on August 5 because on August 6 she dies from the effects of the atomic blast, hoping that her mother will be there soon.
To submit fashion editorials to Model Diary, send email with low resolution photos to modeldiaryblog@gmail.
That's because much of her diary deals with topics familiar to diary-keepers today--classes, crushes, family fun, volunteering, and summer jobs.
US book publisher ABRAMS revealed on Thursday that its imprint Amulet Books has entered into a partnership with Galison Publishing, a provider of puzzles, journals, diaries, educational games, toys, and stationery gifts for children, to make and market a dedicated line of Diary of a Wimpy Kid stationery.
A survey carried out by broadcaster E4 found 83 percent of today's teenage girls keep a diary compared with 69 percent in the 1990s when the internet was not very popular.
So, how did the diary end up in a US court at the centre of a legal fight between an American businessman and a group of African expatriates?