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A very strong positive correlation was found between ACR, systolic (p=0.003) and diastolic pressure (p=0.002) and insignificant negative correlation with Height (cm).
[14] Ruprai and Kurwale reported on a study of acute response to CPT in medical students and its correlation with different blood groups wherein all subjects showed an increase in both systolic and diastolic pressure in response to CPT.
Diastolic pressure 99.741+- 0.2038###100.40+- 1.640###99.919 +- 1.716###100.76 +- 1.917 100.80 +- 1.992 101.80 +- 2.228###101.12 +- 2.148###101.11 +- 2.608
Goss [13] noted that the upper limit for normal systolic pressure in children aged 3-5 years ranged from 104 mmHg to 116 mmHg, depending on height and gender, while the upper limit for diastolic pressure ranged from 63 mmHg to 74 mmHg.
This study done to compare the autonomic function in 30 adult patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Group II) and 30 normal controls (Group I) using autonomic cardiovascular tests revealed that the 30:15 ratio, E:I ratio and Valsalva Ratio were significantly lower (p value < 0.001) in the patients with OSA when compared to the controls, while the diastolic pressure difference in the isometric hand-grip exercise test ([DELTA][DBP.sub.CPT]) and the cold pressor tests ([DELTA][DBP.sub.CPT]) were significantly higher (p value < 0.001) in the patients with OSA (Table-1).
Those who are considered to have "prehypertension" have a systolic pressure between 120 and 139 and a diastolic pressure between 80 and 89.
There was no effect of cholecalciferol supplementation on diastolic pressure (P = 0.37).
The first sound of Korotkoff was taken as the systolic pressure, and the fifth phase as diastolic pressure. Three measurements were usually performed for calculating the mean values, each of the measurements was performed every other minute.
Her diastolic pressure was over 100--just 45 minutes after she had seen a doctor.
** Diastolic Pressure (the bottom number) reflects the arterial pressure between heartbeats.
holding a dog second were non significant for systolic pressure, t(1,61) = .78, n.s., diastolic pressure, t(1,61) = -1.05, n.s., or pulse, t(1,61) = .71, n.s.
The second number is the diastolic pressure and is the lowest pressure of blood when the heart is relaxed.