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Among his topics are speech-in-character in the rhetorical handbooks, speech-in-character in the Progymnasmata, portrayals of diatribe, traditional readings of the dialogue in Romans 3: 1-9 and its role in the letter, and Romans 1-2: the ethnically inclusive and impartial Gospel and the characterization of the interlocutor.
In continuation of his diatribe, the official went on to make sweeping comparisons between Pakistanis and their arch rival Indians.
Instead of "criticize," Dana uses the terms "attack," "put down," and "one-note diatribes." Those terms would be justified, but only if the criticism were not justified and did not point out an uncomfortable truth or hypocrisy.
Continuing his diatribe, he said the lawmakers from opposition benches withdraw their salaries on monthly basis but are shied away from attending the assembly sessions.
Sebastian f orka, President Trump's controversial counterterrorism adviser, worked for the FBI as an independent contractor lecturing on terrorism but was dropped when his anti-Islamic diatribes were discovered by senior officials.
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri's description of this latest diatribe as "funny, sad and ridiculous" is a telling comment on the latest remarks' content.
MWO offers this as a synonym (along with jeremiad and philippic, both of which I fear will soon have fallen out of use altogether) but to me a rant suggests something less carefully considered and argued than a diatribe. Ranting at a peer of the realm would surely be most unseemly, but a diatribe might just be acceptable, if perhaps a little uppity.
"What is particularly worrying here is that Saeed delivered his diatribe in the company of the leaders of mainstream religious parties.
We live in a city that had made great strides in breaking down the barriers of intolerance, where dialogue rather than diatribe achives results.
"Beware of Seeking out the Mighty" does Adorno's gap between identity and false identity with a diatribe structured as a negative series of positives.
I AM not surprised to see the diatribe from Rob Pocock regarding my previous letter in which I stated that council areas had vastly improved since tenants purchased them.
Instead, they apparently got a diatribe about bad old greyhound racing and walked out.