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The exposure to smoking was dichotomised to more than 15-pack years of exposure and less for prediction of the complications mentioned above.
We also dichotomised the exposure to cigarette smoking to more than 15-pack years' exposure and less than 15-pack years' exposure.
293 (D) RET nuclear dichotomised * RET nuclear (high versus low) 0.
The practitioner effort to say it does not have to be that way (one half of a dichotomy) or a client belief about career circumstances (again one half of a dichotomy) is reframed as pushing against the dichotomised world.
Historically the concept, which can be appropriated here to career situations, described situations in which the two halves of a dichotomised state or situation 'push back' at each other, interacting in opposition or at least response to one another.
The greater the mismatch between two halves of a dichotomised pair (manager/academic, extrovert/introvert, goal orientated/person oriented--the list can extend a very long way) in the individual person's life, the greater the dialectic forces of resistance, undermining and other corrosive results emerge to which individuals are subject.
Yet again, dialogic awareness of career skills and constraints can be used to challenge dialectic pressures individuals struggle with when they have not dealt with the contradictions of dichotomised beliefs and efforts in relation to career progress.
44 - Dichotomised at < 2 and [greater than or equal to] 2 serves/times 0.