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Perhaps the emergence and increase in racism, classism, ethnicity and all sorts of discriminations that characterise the 21st century society, which coincides with the contemporary epistemological crises, could also constitute manifestations of the dichotomist schema.
If the analysis is made for a population, not for a sample then we say that average of a dichotomist variable is even the likelihood of rising studied feature (but only if that variable is encoded 0/1).
The paper points out the disclosure index of intangible assets in the financial statements of 104 municipalities from Romania, taking as a reference the disclosure requirements stated in OMFP 1917, complemented with IPSAS 31, using the dichotomist procedure, where the value 1 is given if the local public administration discloses the issue in question and value 0, if it does not.
43) The reason why Hegel and those before him upheld the belief that nothingness is limited to a mediatory role arises from their tendency to think along dichotomist lines of is and is-not, true and not-true, and so forth.
There's a kind of dichotomist image of the historical development of scientific method, divided into the Empirical period and the Idealizational period; between the two we have a kind of methodological breakdown, like the ones operated by Galileo in physics, by Marx in political economy and by Darwin in biology.
To test Ho-b (the relationship between the level of understanding of the budget balance sheet and the level of knowledge of the public accounts by the citizen), the answers were transformed into dichotomist variables, alternatives 1 and 2 being representative of the correct assessment and alternatives 3, 4 and 5 of the wrong one.
25) Pragmatic sociology could help develop more nuanced analytical comparative frameworks to transcend the prevailing dichotomist views of the Soviet Union in juxtaposition to "the West.
However, acknowledging the differences between international ESL writers, monolingual basic writers, and resident ESL writers is also a departure from a dichotomist treatment of learners as necessarily and exclusively either native or nonnative.
They criticized Lakoff's presupposition of this dichotomy because the dichotomy is imposed and reinforced by the very fact of asking in dichotomist terms: male or female.
The computer and electronic products manufacturing group, which includes computer, communications, semiconductor, and navigational production, highlights the dichotomist relationship between the growth of manufacturing output and the productivity led declines in employment.
An instrument integrated by 46 dichotomist questions was administrated to two no random samples of 200 students from a private and a public high schools.