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Barriers to health care was measured by a series of dichotomous questions that asked youths who reported that they skipped needed medical care to indicate what had prevented them from obtaining services.
When there is a single dichotomous predictor, this exercise is the same as maximizing the Youden index (sensitivity + specificity - 1), which is considered "optimal" in the sense that it minimizes the overall misclassification rate (8).
All of the examples of plant compensatory growth that we have documented (see Figure 2) exceed (sometimes by one or two orders of magnitude) the size ranges described for the species in dichotomous keys.
Health insurance in the BRFSS is measured by a dichotomous indicator for whether or not the individual has any kind of health care coverage, be it from private or public sources.
The prevailing narrative of the modern era, particularly for Europe, which is the primary (albeit not sole) focus of this text, is the slow ascendance of secularism accompanied by a parallel decline in its dichotomous opposite, religion.
Least-square means generated by general linear modeling were interpreted as predicted probabilities of a positive response on the dichotomous suicidal ideation variable.
There are many Palestinians and Israelis who are looking for ways to move beyond the prevalent rigid and dichotomous forms of nationalism in the Israeli and Palestinian relationship.
Physicians often prefer to deal with dichotomous results in the clinic, but many fail to recognize that such dichotomous tests are the results of transforming continuous results into dichotomous ones and that an assessment of risk, based on that dichotomous classification, provides an averaged risk rather than an individual risk.
Approach-avoidance goals share some similarities with the dichotomous goals: both MAp and task goals are approach-focused and involve self- and task-referenced definitions of competence; these two goals are viewed as effectively equivalent.
That is, prior research reduces the multinomial choice categories to more limited, dichotomous choice categories when measuring insurance coverage.
Because slipping--or not slipping--is a dichotomous pair of events, a mathematical model that reflects that dichotomous situation is especially useful for analyzing walkway-safety situations.
Then, have students use the photos create their own dichotomous key for identifying the animals.